Dimanche à la carte.




Hello lovely ladies, hope you are having an à la carte Sunday, because we are at home, relaxing and it just feels so good. I just wanted to take the time to snap some photos and show you my new Yvette Hass Double Pearl earrings. I love how feminine and soft they are, but in the same time this piece of jewellery teases… wearing them makes me realise that they can also work as a statement piece, if you will let them shine in a simple look. Can’t wait to wear them (uhm, outside the home)…

Buna ziua, frumoase domnisoare, sper ca aveti parte de o duminica à la carte, pentru ca noi suntem acasa si ne relaxam si e atat de bine! Mi-am permis sa ma ridic insa din pat. Am facut cateva fotografii, pentru ca vreau sa va arat o pereche de cercei pe care orice fata ar trebui sa ii aiba in cutia cu bijuterii. Recent ajunsi in cutia mea de bijuterii, cerceii Yvette Hass Double Pearl sunt o explicatia vizuala a feminitatii. Infatisarea lor este, ce-i drept una clasica: perle, detalii metalice aurii… insa in acelasi timp mi-am dat seama ca pot fi purtati (considerati) ca un item statement, intr-un look foarte minimalist. Abia astept sa-i port (afara din casa)…




Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.24.45 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.25.19 PM

Rumour has it: How to blog?

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.28.01 PM




“Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline purine, a methylxanthine alkaloid, and thus closely related chemically to the adenine and guanine contained in deoxyribonucleic acid.”

Hunting caffeine.
Formula: C8H10N4O2

Truth be told, we crave for a cup of coffee every morning, and there may be those golden mornings when we don’t beg for energy, but for the purest smell that can define one’s morning: hot coffee steam in the air. Maybe it’s Monday and since we’ve already decided Monday is just another weekend day, I want to stay in bed, flick trough old magazines and get lost in the infinite labyrinth of Pinterest boards. This is a post dedicated to all those ghosty-days that keep drumming us up with relaxation. I wake up, wrap myself in my robe and go make myself some coffee with milk and lots of sugar. I’m listening to music, sitting comfortable in the armchair that’s just next to the coffee machine. I’ll soon start rolling a cigarette and then I remember that all I wanted was to stay in bed. I’ll end up organising the clothes in the closet, washing the wooden floor and lighting up the white candles on our nigh tables… then I’ll climb into my bed with a half-full cup of cold coffee… This formula is hunting me: C8H10N4O2

Adevarul e ca in fiecare dimineata avem nevoie de o ceasca de cafea. Poate ca-n unele dimineti nu cerem energie, dar totusi stam in pat tanjind dupa mirosul diminetii, mirosul de cafea. Poate e luni si cum am decis deja ca ziua de luni face parte din weekend, vreau sa stau in pat, sa rasfoiesc reviste vechi si sa ma pierd cu orele in labirintul board-urilor de Pinterest. O postare pentru genul acesta de zile-fantoma, care te pacalesc cu ralaxarea. Ma trezesc, imi iau halatul pe mine si merg in birou sa-mi fac o cafea cu lapte si zahar din belsug. Stau pe fotoliul din dreapta cafetierei si ascult muzica, in timp ce-mi rulez o tigara si apoi incep sa-mi amintesc ca de fapt am vrut sa stau in pat, sa rasfoiesc reviste. In final ajung sa aranjez hainele-n dressing, sa spal parchetul si sa aprind lumanarile de pe noptiera. Si apoi, cu o juma’ de cana de cafea rece, ma asez in pat… This formula is hunting me: C8H10N4O2

The other drug these days: the black leather Jacket – you can order it here.

IMG_5221 IMG_5214


IMG_5194 IMG_5207b0411409e3d0073ef04f5dfed5048242 IMG_5203IMG_5216 IMG_5199 IMG_5217 IMG_5226818961bd3ba3d1b009203ebfd65f6f4f IMG_5212 IMG_5225Ring_Meli Melo2IMG_5275 IMG_5197 IMG_5205 IMG_5209 IMG_5218


Zara Nude Blouse | Chic Diva Leather Jacket | Diva Charms Nude Pink Skirt | Dior Mohotani Sunglasses

Random Brand White x Nude Hosiery | Why Denis VENICE PINK Heels with pinned bows | Cristhelen B Nude Clutch from Musette

Anyone feeling hunted by





Love, A.


P.S: Today I really needed a coffee…I’m on my way to Bucharest for the #YSL Black Opium party. I’ll see you on friday from 19:00 at STILE. We are hosting a workshop about blogging – how to create your own blog, how to improve your content and some behind-the-scenes tips & tricks that you need to know! You have all the info about the event here, on Facebook!

Intre noi fie vorba, azi chiar aveam nevoie de o cafea. E in dreapta mea, se agita dintr-o curba-n alta… Pentru ca sunt in drum spre Bucuresti. Stau cateva zile in capitala pentru ca trebuie sa ajung cateva evenimente. Dupa petrecerea #blackopium din aceasta seara, ne vedem maine de la ora 19:00 la STILE, unde voi gazdui alaturi de Gabriela Atanasov un workshop despre blogging : Rumour has it: HOW TO BLOG? Vom vorbi despre cum sa iti faci un blog, cum sa monetizezi toata aceasta activitate online si cateva detalii “behind the scenes” of romanian blogging. Mai multe cuvinte frumoase, aici, in event-ul de pe Facebook. Va asteptam cu drag la acest event daca vreti sa ne cunoastem sau daca aveti un blog si multa incredere in fortele voastre insa vreti sa il dezvoltati. O sa fie un sfarsit de saptamana plin pentru noi, insa eu abia astept sa ajung in capitala. V-am pupat!

Off we go! Can’t wait to meet you!




Ray Lamontagne – Crazy



BAG: Cristina Cupar – BLACK AND GOLD

1 – Iphone 5 Charger (I could not be online at this exact time of the day without it.)

2 – Wardrobe B notebook – got it from Raluca Barchi, owner of Wardrobe B last year and since it’s black you are going to find it in my bag almost everyday.

3 – Plane tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Instanbul as a kind reminder that summer is close and the next travel days are even closer. We need to book tickets to Amsterdam and Stockholm this month.

4 – Hemp Lip Conditioner from The Body Shop. By the way you can now shop their products online, here.

5 – Dupont Gold & Deep Brown lighter (vintage) – a gift from Raul and my favourite vintage item right now.

6 – OCB Arabique Naturele cigarette paper

7 – Bali Shag White Halfzware rolling tabacco

8 – Vintage Chandelier Earrings from the Antique Fair in Iulius Mall

9 – Nerd Laced glasses from 543.ro / Stradivarius

10 – Black cosmetic lenses from Lensa.ro

11 – ELF Studio foundation brush – for quick retouches.

12 – Yves Saint Laurent bracelet – Christmas gift from Raul.

13 – Snakeskin Iphone 5/5S MidnightAffairs Cover – available on TheBlogSale

14 – KateriniMou black lace headpiece – I’m still trying to figure out when and how to wear it. So many options, it’s such a beautiful piece.

15 – White headphones – I like to listen to music on the street or while I’m running around the town shopping. It gives me a good mood, I’m more inspired to choose new items for my wardrobe. I’m listening to Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Ed Sheeran, Jonathan Jeremiah, Kanye West, London Grammar, Pink Floyd, Ray LaMontagne, SBTRKS, Rihanna.


17 – The classic gold unisex Casio.



IMG_5272 IMG_5276 IMG_5278 IMG_5274


…and which bag?

P.S: If you liked the song, you can donwload it here.

Love, A.






Kasper Bjørke – Apart (ft. Sísý Ey)

Hello lovely people and welcome back on the blog! I hope everyone spent some quality time relaxing, because this is what we all should do in the 1st couple of frozen weeks of the year! It just seems like the bed is getting comfier while the windows are covered in a crisp white icy foil and the latest episodes from our favourite series have no stop button… This Sunday we spent the whole morning in bed, watching a documentary (nr. – HBO) that follows an Alaskan bear family as its young cubs which are taught life’s most important lessons. Set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop teeming with life, their journey begins as winter comes to an end and the bears emerge from hibernation to face the bitter cold. Let’s face it: on Sunday morning the sheets recognise you as one of their own and you just don’t wanna’ get out of bed. The only thing that gets you going is the promise of a fulfilling meal… The warm rays of sunlight were peeking between the never-ending curtains that flow down to the floor in a white cascade. We are now back in business and I will start the year telling you about my everyday bag. The perfect everyday bag should be big enough to have room for all the little things that a girl carries around, IT should come in a neutral colour palette and behave exquisite for years, no matter how much you will wear it… Today I want you to meet&greet my favourite everyday bag from Cristina Cupar:

Salutare si bine ati revenit pe blog! Sper ca v-ati relaxat in aceste saptamani – asta am facut si noi, pentru ca e singurul lucru pe care merita sa il faci in prima perioada a lunii ianuarie. Parca patul devine din ce in ce mai comod, geamurile-s inghetate si serialele nu au buton de oprire… Azi dimineata ne uitam la un documentar (nr. – HBO) care urmareste viata unei familii de ursi din Alaska in timp ce puii invata cele mai importante lectii de viata. Calatoria lor incepe cand iarna se apropie de sfarsit si ursii trebuie sa infrunte o lume rece si riscanta… Sa ne-ntelegem: duminica dimineata esti una cu asternuturile, probabil doar promisiunea unei mese copioase te mai ridica din pat… Razele soarelui se intrezareau cuminti printre perdelele albe care curgeau intr-o cascada infinita, pana pe podea… Ne-am intors la munca si azi vreau sa va spun cateva cuvinte despre geanta mea de fiecare zi. E genul de geanta care nu te lasa la nevoie, e disponibila intr-o paleta de culori neutra si e destul de incapatoare pentru a gazdui toate lucrusoarele pe care le luam cu noi, zi de zi. Azi vreau sa faceti cunostiinta cu geanta mea preferata de la Cristina Cupar:

Sunset_170114 (3 of 26)Sunset_170114 (9 of 26)Sunset_170114 (15 of 26)Sunset_170114 (18 of 26)Sunset_170114 (20 of 26)Sunset_170114 (24 of 26)Sunset_170114 (26 of 26)Sunset_170114 (14 of 26)Sunset_170114 (11 of 26)Sunset_170114 (10 of 26)Sunset_170114 (2 of 26)Sunset_170114 (1 of 26)Sunset_170114 (16 of 26)Sunset_170114 (13 of 26)Sunset_170114 (25 of 26)Sunset_170114 (6 of 26)Sunset_170114 (8 of 26)Sunset_170114 (7 of 26)Sunset_170114 (19 of 26)Sunset_170114 (1 of 26)



Isabel Marant Etoile Blouse | Yohji Yamamoto Black Wedges | Black Snake Iphone 5S Case (shop here) | Chic Diva Leather Jacket  | Fossil Gold Watch | Katerinimou Golden Headpiece

Hope you enjoyed the music, the pictures and the bag. Tell me how your favourite everyday bag looks, and don’t forget to check out Cristina’s Cupar page on Facebook, if you like her work maybe we will have a giveaway on blog! I’ll take your from day to night in the next CC Bags post! Just let me know!

Sper ca v-a placut piesa, fotogarfiile si geanta. Spuneti-mi cum arata geanta de zi perfecta, in viziunea voastra si nu uitati sa intrati pe pagina Cristinei Cupar, daca va place ce vedeti poate facem un giveaway curand! I’ll take your from day to night in the next CC Bags post! Just let me know!

Love, A.


Photos by amazing Szilard Ioo.

How I do my EYEBROWS


Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.00.43 AM

1st things 1st – The visual-story:


Maybe I should start by typing this crazy emoticon that raised a brow since we all installed Yahoo!Messenger, back in 2003: “/:)”. EYEBROWS ARE SO IMPORTANT TO ME. I haven’t mastered them from the 1st try… but I kept going on and on, watching tutorials and trying my best. Since so many people ask me how I do my eyebrows on Instagram (NOW), I had to write a few words about them. The eyebrows define you whole look and they enhance your features. Choose a good cosmetician to take care of your brows and you will be a happy girl! I’m doing my eyebrows at Vestige (just ask for Lidia). If you want to grow your eyebrows, don’t put your hope into magic little bottles and just let them grow. Get a new hair cut: try a messy fringe style for a while. The brows will grow happy and unnoticed (you know people are mean). I did the same thing, haven’t touched them for 2 months. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. In the end I wanted a slightly lifted brow so we tweezed some of the hairs growing downwards to get that instant lift effect (for the whole face). Don’t forget to follow your style and also you instinct when it comes to brows, but if you are a bit left-handed maybe it’s the best to let someone else do your brows.

1) Eyebrow pencil from Rimmel London, shade 002 Hazel
2) Brown eyebrow shadow – NYX Eyebrow Kit (www.makeup-shop.ro)
3) Mac concealer NC25
4) Simple NYX POWDER
5) Dark Brown Inglot Eyeliner

Hope I’ve helped you and I wish you A PERFECT-EYEBROWED WEEK, and a lazy yet beautiful Sunday night! We’re going to have dinner at Bricks with Gaby and Patrick. Kisses!


Poate ar trebui sa incep prin a tasta cele trei caractere ce formeaza emoticonul ala’ care ridica o spranceana “since 2003″ – cand ne-am instalat toate Yahoo!Messenger-ul: “/:)”. SPRANCENELE SUNT FOARTE IMPORTANTE. Nu strig, dar aveam nevoie de caps… (Rad) De vreme ce am primit o multime de intrebari referitoare la cum imi fac sprancenele (acum), am sa scriu cateva cuvinte despre asta pe blog. Sprancenele spun multe despre tine, iar forma potrivita iti poate schimba fizionomia fetei (evident, speram, in bine). Cel mai usor mod de a avea sprancene frumoase si ingrijite e ajungem regulat sub lupa cosmeticienei. Daca vrei sa iti cresti sprancenele nu te increde in solutii minune, lasa-le sa ceasca si nu te atinge de ele pur si simplu. Gaseste-ti alta ocupatie in locul pensatului compulsiv si tunde-ti un breton lung care sa ascunda “viitoarele sprancene” de ochii lumii… Eu le-am lasat sa creasca 2 luni si apoi am venit la pensat la Lidia (Vestige). Pentru a obtine acel efect de lifting instant am ales sa pensam firicelele care se indreptau in jos (intristau privirea). Daca simti ca nu te descurci singura, apeleaza la cosmeticiana ta preferata!

Cam atat ar fi de spus despre sprancenele mele, mai jos aveti lista de produse:

1) Creion pentru sprancene Rimmel London nuanta Hazel 002
2) Fard maro din kit-ul pentru sprancene NYX (www.makeup-shop.ro)
3) Corector Mac – Pro LongWear nuanta NC25
4) Pudra NYX (www.makeup-shop.ro)
5) Tus maro inchis Inglot (pentru definire fir cu fir)

Sper ca v-am ajutat si va urez o saptamana cu sprancene perfecte, o seara lenesa dar frumoasa (e duminica)… Noi mergem sa luam cina la Bricks cu Patrick si Gaby. *feeling good*



P.S: sora mea Carla are un breton acum, pentru ca am rugat-o din suflet sa isi lase sprancenele sa creasca ( + a fost Cleopatra la bal)

Afternoon in Mallnitz


Hello dear girls and happy new year! We are still in Mallnitz, Austria, having a few relaxing days after NYE Party. The weather was really nice today, it just got warmer and warmer so we went out for a walk and snapped some pictures of an all-knit outfit, featuring an Ocko Shop camel knit skirt, a H&M white blouse I got from 543.ro and a Zara faux fur collar. Let’s be stylish even on holiday! Hope you are having a great start of the year this week!

Salutare fetelor si un an nou fericit! Inca ne aflam in Mallnitz, am decis sa mai ramanem cateva zile in plus, sa ne bucuram de relaxarea pe care muntele o ofera, dupa petrecerea de anul nou. Vremea s-a incalzit destul de mult, asa ca am iesit la plimbare cu Raul. Am purtat o fusta tricotata de la Ocko Shop, un pulover alb de la H&M pe care il am de pe 543.ro si un guler faux fur de la Zara. Let’s be stylish even on holiday! Sper ca si voi aveti parte de relaxarea mult-meritata dupa perioada sarbatorilor!

IMG_4831 IMG_4811 IMG_4826 IMG_4814 IMG_4827 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 raul IMG_4814 IMG_4823 IMG_4825IMG_4801

Love, A.

Happy New Year’s Eve – CHAMPAGNE ?!


NYE.JPG.700x1000_q85 Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 10.57.16 PMDe vreme ce  e 31 decembrie si noi ne aflam la peste 10,000 de metri in aer, intre Cluj si Venetia, m-am gandit sa va scriu cu o zi inainte. Vom ateriza curand si acolo ne asteapta Carmen si Sorin – pornim spre Mallnitz. Ne puteti urmari pe Instagram @alinaceusan/@grebenisancarmen – vom posta multe fotografii pe social media in aceasta perioada.

Stiu ca pare o nebunie totala – sa iei avionul in 31, sa mai faci cateva sute de kilometri pana la destinatie si mai spoi sa despachetezi si sa te schimbi in straie de party… Insa asta e viata noastra. Si o iubim. In seara asta am sa port o rochie argintie semnata Silvia Mignona. Effervescent I said!

My last look right here:

I just wanna show you a look post since it’s 31st and we are on the go. We are in the air right now, from Cluj to Venice. Carmen and Sorin will lift us up from Venice, and we will travel by car to Mallnitz. And again – since it’s the 31st of December, I wanna wish you a happy new year and I hope you will have an extra glam party! I’ll be wearing my Silvia Mignona silver dress – follow us on Instagram via #alandalanye and #acgoestoaustria. I love you girls, glad we are over 61k on Instagram now and I will post a lot on social media during our holiday so stay tuned.

LOVE THE HUES! Wearing Casadei Nude Wedge Boots | Magdaalena V. Burnariu skirt (shop @ Vestige Atelier des Beaux Arts) | Vintage desaturated toffee egg coat | Zara Faux Fur caramel toned collar | Bali Snake Skin Crossover Bag

IMG_4596IMG_4602 IMG_4607 IMG_4623 IMG_4615 IMG_4620 IMG_4599 IMG_4591 IMG_4600 IMG_4611IMG_4602 IMG_4624 IMG_4603 IMG_4591

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.32.59 AM






Fetelor, eu sunt pe ultima suta de metri cu bagajele pentru Austria – maine dimineata luam avionul. Momentan sunt la pedichiura la Vestige. Tocmai am primit vestea ca avem postat online ultimul episod din seria Shop with Me. Cred ca e episodul meu preferat… O fi pentru ca e ultimul? Nu stiu… Robert se pricepe atat de bine la acest tip de filmari, la montaj, la a gasi piesele potrivite… Incat nu stiu ce o sa ma fac fara el cand se muta in Roma! O sa-mi fie dor de tine baiat! Let’s see the video! HD & FULL SCREEN + A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE MY LOVELY GIRLS!

Dear girls I’ve almost finished packing for our trip to Austria – tomorrow morning we will be on our way, up-up, in the air! I’m at Vestige right now, getting my pedicure done, I just love the rush, while getting ready for #alandalanye. And… I just got the good news: Our new episode from our #shopwithme series aired today! I just love the way the film turned out, Robert is doing such a great job, I just don’t know what I will do without him when he will move to Rome. I’ll miss you boy! Let’s see the video! HD & FULL SCREEN + A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE MY LOVELY GIRLS!

I give you:


A film by Robert C. Sandu
Filmed at Promenada Mall & Teatrul National (special thanks to Zsoltan for letting us film on stage)
Voiceovers and concept: Alina Ceusan
Hair and Makeup: A.C

Acestea fiind spuse vreau sa va intreb: voi ce veti purta maine noapte, de revelion si unde va veti afla la miezul noptii…? ✨

With this being said, I want you to tell me what you’re wearing tomorrow night and where are you going to be at 12 o’clock…? ✨

I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE THIS NYE! Happy new year my dear readers! Follow us on Instagram @alinaceusan @grebenisancarmen on #alandalanye hashtag, it’s 🔛!



Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.01.20 PM1

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.00.43 AMWhat I’ve used to get the tanned look for New Year’s Eve:

Vita Liberata One-day self tanner (body & face), The Body Shop Dry Bronzing Oil, Flormar Teracotta Highlighter – 002, Flormar Nude Matte Lipstick: Shade 09


Flormar Teracotta Highlight powder – shade 02 – apply it all over your skin – hands, legs, shoulders and get that shimmery highlighted look for this New Year’s Eve party.


My fav nude lipsticks from farmasi (True Color Lipstick – semi matte – shade 05 /Elegant Lipstick – matte – shade 09.)


My favourite dry oil for a glowing skin before the party – The Body Shop.


3Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.39.08 AMScreen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.32.59 AM

Photos by Raul Tișa.

BEAUTY: Last minute tanned skin.


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.34.37 AM

IMG_4607Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.39.08 AM


Sa ghicesc!? Revu’ e maine si ca de obicei, ai ultimele griji pe cap. Ziua e o nebunie sinistra: tinuta, coafura, manichiura, tratamente, o baie cu spume, un pahar de sampanie, o maslina si putin bronz… Eu am testat doua variante valabile pentru ultima suta de metri: bronzul organic si autobronzantul de ocazie de la Vita Liberata (Sephora). Prima experienta cu bronzul organic a avut loc acum vreo 3 saptamani. Am sunat la SunKiss, si mi-am facut doua programari – una pentru weekendul respectiv si o alta pentru data de 29. Mi-am dorit sa incerc bronzul organic dupa ce mi-a povestit Crista (nr – good friend, ex-dancer) despre aceasta varianta rapida care asigura un bronz uniform pentru 10 zile. Pregatirea pielii incepe cu o exfoliere a la carte, care este obligatorie pentru un rezultat perfect. Eu folosesc scrub-ul de la Adams  – Orange & coconut.

Ziua mea a inceput la 8 dimineata la Vestige  manichiura si un tratament Joico in 4 pasi. Lipsea sampania, dar avem rezerve serioase in Mallnitz.


Let me guess!? Our 2015 #rebellion is a night away and you are all over the place. This day is the ultimate sinister madness: the look, the hair, the manicure, the hair treatments, a foamy bath, a glass of sparkling champagne, an olive, some tan… I’ve just tested two last minute tanning treatments your MUST HAVE: organic bronze & the one-day self tanner from Vita Liberata ( available in Sephora stores). My 1st organic bronze experience was miraculous – I booked my 1st session 3 weeks ago and I fell in love with it. I have to say I wanted to pay the session myself so I could get a clear vision about it. I called Sunkiss, I booked a meeting and I payed 100ron/session, after Crista ( nr.  – good friend, ex-dancer) told me about it. The prepping of the skin starts with exfoliation – I use Adams body scurb with orange & coconut/ 

My day started at 8 a.m at Vestige with manicure and my one and only Joico in 4 steps hair treatment. The champagne was missing, but we have serious supplies in Mallnitz.





8:31 – MANICURE TIME with Raluca


10:00 – Joico hair treatment in 4 steps


Later that day – organic bronze @ SunKiss, Iulius Mall

IMG_4627-2 IMG_4629-2 IMG_4631-2 IMG_4635-2 IMG_4639-2 IMG_4640-2

<p style="text-align:center;"

So this is the most accurate before/after picture from ORGANIC BRONZING @ Iulius Mall / SunKiss (100ron, you’re ready to got in 15 minutes)

I will show you the final look tomorrow, here, on blog and Instagram @alinaceusan



Daca nu ai apucat sa iti faci o programare la bronz organic, ultima solutie e autobronzantul de ocazie (o zi) de la Vita Liberata / Sephora (aprox. 90ron) – un autobronzant care nuanteaza pielea dintr-o miscare si tine pana la primul dus. Pretty lazy, but pretty awesome!

Ce parere aveti despre bronzul organic, ati incercat aceasta minune teporara? Bronzul organic, ca proces, dureaza intre 10 si 15 minute, ai nevoie asadar de o programare, iar la Sunkiss am inteles ca sedintele se face la fiecare jumatate de ora. Culoarea este alesa de tine: poti alege dun bronz light/medium/intens. Partea buna e ca nu dauneaza pielii si se realizeaza ultra-rapid. Dupa sedinta de bronzare porti haine largi, iti faci cumparaturile si te indrepti spre casa. Dimineata faci un dus si te alegi cu cel mai intens bronz, din cele 10 zile promise. Eu sunt foarte multuimita de rezultat si ma bucur ca va pot scrie pe blog despre acest procedeu de bronzare. Sper sa incercati si voi, la un moment dat bronzul organic pentru un eveniment special! Discutam cu fetele de la SunKiss, mi-au citit articolele, le-au placut si mi-au propus sa fac un giveaway pentru voi pe blog, insa m-am gandit ca in prima data sa va intreb pe voi cum va pregatiti pentru revelion, daca ati apelat la aceasta varianta de bronz rapid si daca va plac rezultatele pe care le-am obtinut eu.

I’m just curious like that!


If you haven’t ALREADY booked a session, the one-day self-tenner from Vita Liberata is your only choice (aprox. 90ron) / Sephora – a self-tanner that will give you an intense chocolate brown glowing skin in just seconds… and it will last till your 1st shower. Pretty laxy, but pretty awesome!

i want to know how you feel about organic bronze, have you tryied this temporary wonder? Organic bronze will take from 10 to 15 minutes of your time, you can choose the intensity: light/medium/dark and the best part is the fact that it doesn’t harm the skin at all. After the session you can continue your shopping, while wearing a loose outfit, and then head home/ You can take  a shower in the morning (after 8 hours) and you will meet your most-tanned version of the next 10 days. I hope you will try this one day, on/for a special event. I was talking to the girls and they want a giveaway on the blog, for you. I just want to know if you like our results… tell me how you get ready for the New Year’s Eve party…

I’m just curious like that! 

NYE.JPG.700x1000_q85 IMG_4583 IMG_4602 Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.32.59 AM

Find out more @ SUN KISS, on their facebook page.



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