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Alina Ceusan is one of the most successful Romanian bloggers. She was born in Targu-Mures, on the 1st of June, in 1992. Traveling, writing, taking pictures and taking her readers to beautiful places trough her articles are her favourites. Writing, an old passion, developed trough the blog and now her only wish is to inspire people like her, so they can start living their lives to the fullest. Shots & films with pleasure in front of the camera, or behind it as a narrator.

This quotation, was found by Alina, a long time ago, while she was surfing the internet one night. The clock was reaching 2 a.m, she just sat there, among random stuff shattered on her ber, in her 1st apartament she ever lived in, in Cluj. On the bed: ELLE magazine, several nail polishes, a pack of cigarettes (which she later replaced with a vintage, dark brown toned, leather porte-cigarettes), her Pextax Espio 738 in silver, and her black cat, Hermes, sleeping like a dark angel. On the side of her bed, a glass of wine, on the night table. The screen was already to bright contrasting the warm but dark hues of her room, at night. Nothing was really impossible while you we’re listening Noir Désir – Le Vent Nous Portera… On the same screen, for a few seconds, she just saw another quote that fitted well her fresh-based blog philosophy: “Be the kind of person you would like to meet”.

It took her until morning to decide upon the quote, but just because another very good phrase was already written on a white piece of paper, next to her: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. She was trying to inspire girls like her, to love, more, to feel more, to keep searching for love & happiness, to keep going, so that was the moment when she just went at the window, pulled the cream curtain, and saw the young sun appearing on the morning sky. The song was still playing on repeat, so she lighted a cigarette and stood there thinking  about this words, and about the pure fact that these words were not enough, so she just started writing about it, about her story, and continued to do that until present.

Later, among laughs & tears, among long nights and intense days, she realised this is just a little part of her part as a human being on this planet, but she began to become the person that she would like to meet, and so, others agreed, and here we are: the big, beautiful community of #ALINACEUSANSTORIES, a bunch of effervescent girls with glowing skin and a big smiles, living along with their dreams, and chasing them till the end of time.



PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Digital Divas 2015

PEOPLE’S CHOICE Intel – Digital Divas 2014

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Digital Divas 2013

Best Instagram Account – 3rd place, Digital Divas 2014

Best Instagram Account of 2015, Digital Divas

FTV – Best Fashion Blogger of the Year, 2013

Best Beauty Blog – 3rd place – Digital Divas 2013

Best Fashion Blog – 3rd place – Digital Divas 2015

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English Translations: Patricia Luiza Blaj & Vlad Gradinariu

Photographers: Emil Costrut, Anca Cheregi, Carmen Grebenisan.

Video: Costin Marian, Emil Costrut, Carmen Grebenisan.

Hair and Makeup: Vestige Centre Ville