Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.04.00 PM


Casadei Blade Neon Heels | Alexandra Avram Trousers | Diva Charms lace skirt as top | H&M Bag | Exclusives Sunnies


Sweet Paprika Dress | Louboutin Exvota Sandals | Lexa Lexi Clutch | Vintage accessories


H&M White top | Diva Charms Dress



H&M Silk Nude dress,

Inn Vogue Nude Patent Heels,

Dolce & Gabanna Necklace


A Lee Cooper Look

SEA BLUE Sneakers


SLATE blouse

RAYBAN Sunnies (RB3025-112/17)




Dsquared Leather Dress

Random Brand Turtle Neck

Zara Shoes

Stradivarius Bag

Claire’s Sunnies

Diva Charms Bracelet



YSL sneakers

H&M army skinny trousers

Zara Basic gray top

YSL Ring, Diva Charms bracelet, Meli Melo & H&M accessories

RayBans – read here about them and where you can get them!



ASOS Heels

Zara Black Trouses

SH Leopard Shirt

Choies Side Zipped Blazer

H&M Fedora Hat


AlinKa Statement White Coat (order here)

Black Eva Boots from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes

Dior Mohotani Sunglasses (shop at Sunglass HUT)

YSL Earrings

Zara White Bag

Random Brand Turtle Neck White Blouse


Carine Statement Lace-up Boots, Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes (shop here)

Tamas Alexandra Maria Double Vest (shop here at Vestige)

Random Brand Black Turtle Neck

H&M Black Fedora


Tricoul din poveste, il gasiti aici, pe site-ul Diva Charms.




ALDO Ulenalle Heels (shop here)

ALDO earrings (available in Stores, find more online here)

Laura Firefly Skirt (shop here)

Choies Side Zipped Blazer 

Dress Well or Die Trying T-shirt (shop here)



 H&M Trousers,

H&M Top,

H&M Golden Rings,

H&M Skull Rings,

H&M Necklace (shop the look / H&M Promenada Mall Targu-Mures)

Zara Boots

Stradivarius Sunnies
Vintage Olive Shirt



Choies Black Side Zipped Blazer

Diva Charms Edgy Black Dress

SH Fur Collar

Zara Boots


Ana Morodan Black Eva Boots / shop at smilingshoes.com

Diva Charms Chess Dress – shop at diva-charms.com

ESCADA Sunglasses / Optiplaza

 Constantine Renakossy gray vest- shop at VESTIGE

Diva Charms Necklace

Diva Charms Diamond Rings & Silver Vintage Rings


Full H&M look at H&M 15 minutes Styling Challenge

IMG_3859-Edit-VOGUE-2 IMG_3913-VOGUE

My Silk Fairytale Tulip Red Skirt

Diva Charms Black Wave as a top

Diva Charms Red Diamond Ring

Roxenne Red Heels

Alina Firte Harness

Louis Vuitton Long Wallet 


Roxenne Red Leather Heels

Zara Trousers

Diva Charms “My Love is Absolutely Fabulous” T-shirt (shop here)

Diva Charms Red Diamond Ring (shop here)

DOPE Snapback (shop here)

Choies Coat / H&M Sheer Cape 

IMG_6915 IMG_6934

Exclusives Winter Cozy Dress / size M (shop here)

Exclusives Black Headpiece (shop here)

H&M Black Leggings

Diva Charms  Red Diamond Ring (shop here)

SH Booties (see closer here)

Vintage Earrings (Iulius Mall Antique Fair)

Dior Mohotani Cateye Sunglasses (shop here)


Saint Laurent Janis Studded Ankle Boots

Strawberry 3D Sweater (shop here)

Custom Made Vest (Raul)

Diva Charms Ruby Red Ring

Zara Black Trousers (find them in Zara Basics)

Zara Red Sunnies (find them in stores)

2 7

Custom Made White Suit + Bershka Faux Fur jacket

Wardrobe B – Atos Lombardini Shirt

Zara Ankle Boots

Diva Charms Sunglasses

H&M Rose Gold/ True Gold Rings

DSC_5541 DSC_5542-2

Pull&Bear Sunglasses

Wardrobe B Faux Fur in Gray – Lakome Milano

H&M Glossy Leggings

Choies Edge Booties

Burberry Bag

SH Sweater (Diy)

Dsquared2 Bracelet

Chrystal & Chrome Barcelona Bracelet 

Random Vintage Accessories (Iulius Mall / Antiques Fair)

HAIR COLOUR: Goldwell Base Six, Shade Red Brown (Boulevard Studio / Raul Tisa)  

Hair Styling: Retro Loose Curls on Hair Extensions with Flat Iron


Zara Boots

Stradivarius Jeans

Stradivarius Sunnies ( love em )

SH Green Snake print shirt

LaDonna White Blazer

Vintage Earrings & Accessories

Fossil Watch in Pure Gold

Zara Bag

IMG_0468_Fotor IMG_0480_Fotor_Fotor

Stradivarius Faux Fur Bag

H&M Leather Jacket (F/W 2013)

Dior Mohotani Sunglasses

Second Hand Shop Random Silk Shirt in Beige

SH Boots, Over the knee


Inn Vogue Nude Heels

Motivi Ripped Jeans

H earrings on collar (Raus)

Crystal & Chrome Barcelona bracelets

Dress Up My Iphone –  Ipad Case in Leopard 

H&M Shirt

IMG_0331_Fotor 1

Made to Measure White Jacket

YSL blouse from SugarShop (@sugarshop on Instagram)

Zara Bag

Pull & Bear Leather Trousers

Stradivarius Booties (now on sale here)


Costum Made to Measure La Donna (Cluj Napoca)

Pantofi aurii Smiling Shoes

Ceas Briel

Accesoriu Hamsa Diy (facut de Raul)

Look: All Nyx Products

Clutch New Look

Cercei Rome

DSC_4571 DSC_4551

Sense burgundy Dress

Zara Heels

Random brand Black Gloves

20131225-172623.jpg 20131225-173627.jpg 20131225-173023.jpg

H&M Bath Wrap (Christmas Edition)

Avon Puff Socks

DSC_4505_Fotor DSC_4503_Fotor

Maia Ratiu Dress

Charline de Luca Heels

Sephora Red 01 Lip Stain (lips)


Sweet Paprika Leather Skirt (www.sweetpaprika.ro)

Issabel Lombardi Clutches

Wardrobe B shirt (Atos Lombardini)


Sweet Paprika Leather Skirt (www.sweetpaprika.ro)

Issabel Lombardi Clutches

Zara Heels

Random Brand SH silk Mint Shirt


Casadei Heels

Sequin Dress in Carbon black (get it here)


Exlusives Gold Sequin Dress

Jimmy Choo Strappy Sandals


Exclusives Silver Sequin Dress

get it here! 

Accessorize Statement Earrings


Indian Sari (shooting with Marab)

Casadei Pipe Blade Heels

DSC_0100_Fotor DSC_0096_Fotor_Fotor

Sweet Paprika Burgundy Skirt

Nemuritor si Rece T shirt

Musette Black Boots

Sweet Paprika Top Hat

IMG_1536 IMG_1461

Estudio Espana Couture Bridal Dresses  &  Accessories

MMAKEUPPP2 1077516_780520375297602_2008972410_o

Borealy Luxury Gifts Chandelier Earrings

Diva Charms Sequin Emerald Green Dress

DSC_0539_Fotor DSC_0540_Fotor 1422523_432807456831363_1065597740_n

Choies Black Blzer with Side Zipper

Balenciaga Stiletto Silver Heels

Pull & Bear Lather Trousers

SH Silk Green Shirt

Borealy Earrings 

8 DSC_0567_Fotor

Choies Zebra Coat

H&M Leggings

Choies Patent Booties

Zara White Bag

1394980_10201816690312957_1971924181_n IMG_4177_Fotor_Collagejjjjjjj

Dsquared2 Runway Leather Dress

Alinka Body Strap

DSC_0423_Fotor DSC_0364_Fotor_Fotor DSC_0347_Fotor_Fotor

Halloween Outfit:

H&M leather leggings & black lingerie dress

Random Black Cape (Vampire themed)

Random Blonde Wig, find one like mine, here!

Fake Vampire Fangs, tutorial here!

Random Black Gloves, here! 


Sweet Paprika by Gabriela Atanasov Dresses

Vintage heels (Gaby’s)

Bookletta Bags (www.sweetpaprika.ro)


All outfit from Garage Boutique, here.

DSC_1036_Fotor DSC_1021_Fotor

H&M Blazer

Zara Heels

Random brand leather trousers

ALDO Fringed Clutch


All Lee Cooper Look


Anca & Silvia Negulescu Runway Look

IQ Shop Boots

Anca & Silvia Negulescu Leather Boots Accessories

Random Brand HeadPiece

Borealy Earrings in Ruby Red

IMG_0186-VOGUE modified IMG_0239-VOGUE

yamamoto black Wedges

SH Coat in Greige

Burberry Skate Shirt Skirt

Givenchy Sunglasses (Optiplaza)

DSC_0189_Fotor_Fotor DSC_0027_Fotor_Fotor

Feier Carmen Purple & White Paper Bag

H&M Lavander Blazer

Zara Shirt & Trousers

Stradivarius Wedges

_MG_8757 _MG_8756

New Look Bag & Accessories

Dsquared2 Golden Leather Skirt

Zara Coat

Zara Shirt

20131001-214710.jpg 20131001-214700.jpg 20131001-214735.jpg

Pull & Bear Jeans

yamamoto Wedges

Tabita Gliga Lather Black Cape

Sweet Paprika Toque

Dior Mohotani Sunglasses

20130918-221019.jpg 20130918-220738.jpg

Diva Charms Sequin Dress

Casadei Blade Pipe Heels

New Look Clutch

Dior Mohotani Sunglasses

20130917-225356.jpg 20130917-225332.jpg

Zara Heels

Motivi Boyfriend Jeans

Zara Shirt

H&M hat

20130913-142014.jpg 20130913-142036.jpg

Top Shop UK White Dress

20130912-193927.jpg 20130912-194008.jpg

Zara Heels

Zara Shirt

Zara Trousers

Random Brand Jacket ( fine one alike, here at Varsity Apparel)

20130911-214529.jpg 20130911-192629.jpg

SH Shirt in Emerald Green

SH Tartan Skirt

Celine Black Bag

Meli Melo Hair Bow in Cream

Escada Sunglasses (Optiplaza)

IQ Shop flats

20130911-192629.jpg 20130910-235306.jpg

Jean Paul Gaultier Blouse

H&M Dress made Skirt

Ridas Eyewear

Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Sandals

20130827-130043.jpg 20130827-131758.jpg

Louis Vuitton Scarf as a Skirt

Random Brand Silk Blazer as a Top

IQ Shop Flats in Pine Green & Gold

20130827-113424.jpg 20130827-104009.jpg

Random Cream Lather Boots

Diy Denim Shorts

Jean Paul Gaultier Blouse

(worn in Cinqueterre, Italia)

20130825-202732.jpg 20130825-202906.jpg 20130825-202943.jpg

H&M Dress worn as a Skirt

H&M Swinwear worn as a Top

Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals in Black & Gold

Dior Mohotani Sunglasses

(Worn in Genova, Italia)

20130820-231229.jpg 20130820-234618.jpg

H&M Swimwear

Louis Vuitton Scarf (trying to be Jack Sparrow)

(Worn in Ibiza, Spain)


All H&M look for


(Worn in Ibiza, San Antonio, Spain)


All H&M Look

for H&M Loves Music

(Worn Somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea, with MSC Cruises)


RAUS Blouse

Random Leather Boots


H&M Sunglasses in Gold

Random Shorts (Diy)

(Worn in Rome, Italy)

20130731-233314.jpg 20130731-233252.jpg

H&M Jeans & Shirt

Fossil STELLA Gold Watch

Diva Charms Emerald Green Bracelet

Barcelona Vintage Bange Bracelet in Gold


Random brand Dress

H&M Lace Summer Shorts

MARKS Boutique Golden Spiked Loafers


20130723-122700.jpg20130723-122540.jpg All H&M look for
H&M Loves Music Collection (Peninsula 2013)


Zara white trousers
Zara Top BNW Collection
Zara Sandals
Zara White Bag
Dior Mohotani Sunnies
Atelier Jaisse Fringed piece


Zara trousers
Zara lace up booties
Zara white bag (love it!)
Dolce & Gabanna for Naomi Shirt
Dior Mohotani sunnies
Alinka Dress
Casadei Blade Pipe Heels
Bershka Clutch
Diva Charms Necklace (www.diva-charms.com)
Rochie de piele SWEET PAPRIKA by Gabriela Atanasov
Top galben cu coada SH
Pantofi nude In Vogue (buy them here)
Colier & bratara Diva-Charms.com
Ochelari de soare Escada (www.optiplaza.ro)

Jimmy Choo heels
Boho Chic Jeans
H&M t shirt
Escada sunnies (Optiplaza)
Fashion Heaven Celine Bag
Diva Charms bracelet & necklace
Zara La Up Leopard Booties
Random black suit trousers
Armani Jeans t shirt
Chanel black bag
Micky Mik sunnies
H&M triangle necklace
ZARA T-shirt (Zara men)
ZARA Lace-up booties
ZARA Shorts
Moschino Love Bag
Dior Mohotani Sunnies


Zara shorts
Zara sandals
Your trend hoodie & white bracelet
Diva Charms black & gold bracelets
H&M snapback cap
H&M sunnies



Zara Lace up booties
Zara White trousers
Zara bnw collection top
Atelier Jaisse fringed piece
Random sunnies
DreesUpUrIphone Ipad Case20130611-210858.jpg
H&M top
Boho Chic Shirts (Vero Moda)
Dsquared2 heels
Random sunnies

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals
Zara little white dress
Diva Charms Accessories
Random sunnies20130119-025348.jpg
Mangano feather lime dress
No.1 store blouse
No.1 bag
MMM rocker boots
No.1 hat

Chictopia rereem romper
H&M faux leather jacket in black
Aviator sunnies
Vintage cognac boots
Daniel Ray chocolate bag
Vintage hat

Chic redeem dress (trendesence)
Vintage sandals
H&M sunnies

Roxana Simon lace V cut dress

Vintage peach clutch
Zara leopard lace up booties
Diva Charms Cupcake Tshirt
Zara White suite trousers
Meli Melo sunnies

Raul: Zara trousers
Zara White Tee
H&M hat
Alina: Mangano feather dress
H&M minty soft jungle shirt20130611-204457.jpg
Roberta Biagi leather jacket
No.1 bag & boots
Mexton dress
No.1 outfit & boots
Alexander McQueen inspired clutch

Rinascimento dress
No.1 boots
Hermes Bag
Ray Ban sunnies

Top Shop dress
Random sunnies
Zara Sandals


20130424-045814.jpgZara trousers TRF
IQ Shop Blouse
Zara heels
Ray ban sunglasses
Vintage Belt


20130424-045527.jpgAtelier Jaisse jumpsuit
Dsquared2 heels
Prada sunglasses


20130424-045235.jpgRay Ban Sunnies
Zara Heels
H&M blouse
H&M shirt
Mango leather skirt
Random leggings
Stradivarius bag



Atelier Jaisse jumpsuit
Dsquared2 stiletto heels
Raus necklace
Vintage accessories
Prada Bag


Bershka shirt
Bershka boots
Accessories from: Barcelona vintage,Forever 21, Claires (cross bracelet) find one like this on instagram @handmadebydd & my precious, one&only ring 8-> sneak peaked there
H&M sunnies
Stradivarius bag

Raus Scarf
Raus Marracek Skirt
Raus Plum/Silk Blouse


Custom made fit dress
Crystal Leopard platform heels
H&M basic shirt
H&M sunglasses

Raus lace suede blouse Vintage suede black high waisted shorts
Deichmann Cream & goldie flats
Random bag
Raus bracelets
Random summer hat

20130119-025017.jpgZara blazer
H&M faux leather jacket
Pull&Bear shirt
Random leggings
Deichmann boots
Vintage gray shaded hat
DIY bracelet

H&M faux leather jacket
Chic redeem chictopia red dress
Vintage belt
Diy bracelet
Zara suede black heels
H&M over the knee socks

NO 1 Bby white ruffle dress
Denny Rose hair accessories
Ray Ban aviators in gold
No.1 white leather & gold platform pumps

IQ shop booties & demin jacket
Cara diy short
Raus plain loose black shirt

Zara white shirt
White random shorts
Vintage bag
No name white & gold sunnies
Random sandals
DKNY watch & random Raus accessories

Deichman rubber boots
Raus outfit

IQ shop sportwear & sneakers


Raus outfit & asos heels

IQ shop full outfit

Random brand clutch & neon top
Zara trousers
Oxford faux leather flats (Paris random shop)
Diy lucky charm
H&M sunnies <3

No.1 artista dress in pine dark green
Leopard shoes (not seen)
Escada taupe leather & gold belt
Random clutch

All Raus outfits for both me & Carmen

Rinascimento romper
Guiseppe Zanotti sandals
Ray ban sunnies
Vintage clutch

All Raus Look
Deichman Rain Boots

All No.1 outfit

Raus skirt
H&M swimwear
Giuseppe Zanotti sandals
Ray Ban sunnies

All Raus Look

Roxana Simon dress

All No.1 look

Roxana Simon dress

All IQ shop looks

H&M peach jeans
H&M leather jacket
H&M sunnies
Zara boots
Random brand dress

H&M jacket
Random shorts
MK watch
Random accessories
H&M sunnies

Chictopia red dress
Vintage belt
H&M leather jacket

IQ shop look for fall

All Raus look for summer


Miss Miss dress for Sam Havadtoy Art Expo.

All IQ shop look for Christmas

No.1 neon&navy playsuite
Marc Jacobs Sunnies

H&M swim & random brand one for Ibiza

New Yorker Swimwear
Diva Charms Accessories
Ray Ban sunnies

All No.1 fall look

Vintage army diy jacket
IQ Shop leggings
H&M diy sneakers
Raul’s Tee
& random brand bag
Anna dello Russo sunnie

All IQ outfits for summer

Raus Accessories – Pacha Cherry Bomb

Roxana Simon dress


Marks Boutique golden shoes
H&M jacket
Zara trousers
Anna dello Russo sunnies
Random yellow silky Top

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 9.00.40 PM

108 Comments on “LOOKS

  1. Sunt asa geloasa mi-as dorii sa am garderoba ta!:)) frumoase poze, multumim pentru inspiratie!:D

  2. Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward
    to new updates.

  3. foarte frumoase toate tinutele!!! <3 cand te faci roscata din nou? :o3 iti statea foarte bine! :D

  4. Esti foarte frumoasa si ai un blog foarte ineteresant.:) La fel si pagina de fb.Pe mine ma inspiri:). (app ai o nunata foarte frumoasa la par) :* O zi frumoasa sa ai!

  5. “Money can buy you all the fashion in the world, but it can’t buy you a thread of style” Felicitari Alina..multe au bani dar nu au stil!! esti maxima!!! pupici

  6. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective.

    A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appearance. I must say that you’ve done a amazing job with
    this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely quick for me
    on Chrome. Outstanding Blog!

  7. hey! oare cu ce as putea asorta o pereche de colanti in dungi verticale?
    ( alb/negru sunt colantii)

  8. Esti pe departe una dintre cele mai frumos imbracate femei din Romania! :) Ai o garderoba la fel de geniala ca si personalitatea ta. Te asortezi foarte frumos! :)

  9. Buna Alina! Mi-ai putea zice ce model sunt ochelarii ray ban din prima poza?
    Merci mult :*

  10. Alina, mi se apropie banchetul si am o senzatie continua ca nu o sa-mi gasesc nici macar o rochie care sa marcheze asemenea eveniment. Daca vrei, fa un articol despre alcatuirea unei tinute pentru banchet. Macar poate as fi un pic mai luminata. :D pupici

  11. Pur si simplu te ador, ai tinute foarte aparte si mai ales cum ai acum parul roz <3 ESTI GENIALA.As vrea sa am o vestimentatie ca a ta….dar din pacate aici unde locuiesc eu nu prea sunt….inca o data mai spun TE ADOR :*

  12. Aseara ti-am descoperit blogul si am ramas uimita . Ce sa spun , bafta in ceea ce iti doresti . Din observatiile mele vei reusi mai mult decat ti-ai propus . Alina = wow :)

  13. Foarte reusite tinutele, mi-au placut in special Atelier Jaisse jumpsuit, atat cel in dungi cat si ce negru complet, daca ai putea sa imi spui si mie unde le gasesc ti-as ramane recunoscatoare, multumesc mult si felicitari pentru blog!!!!

  14. Esti minunata ! De fiecare data ma lasi fara cuvinte ! Esti ca un model pentru mine ! Sa postezi cat mai mult ! Tot timpul te urmaresc ! Sa ai succes mai departe .Pup :*

  15. Buna Alina.
    Nu stiam pe cine sa intreb , dar uite ca ai aparut tu .
    Ti se pare ciudat daca vezi o fata de 14-15 ani pe tocuri , sau chestii de genul ?
    Nu in stitul asa zis de ‘piţi’ . Mai casual.
    Thank you :*

    • Sora mea are 14 ani si insista la unele ocazii sa poarte tocuri, mi se pare mult pentru ea, pentru ca e mica, subtirica si arata inca a copil. Parerea mea sincera este ca mai poti astepta, inlocuieste tocurile cu platforme joase. O sa rabzi si fara sa vrei tocuri mai tarziu….Kisses!

  16. Buna,am 12 ani si vroiam sa te intreb cum pot face
    sa fiu si eleganta si bine imbracata la o petrecere.
    Merci :*

  17. Heei :) Alina……imi place mult cum iti faci parul >* as vrea sa ne arati si noua cum faci coafurile astea superbee @#

    • I-am primit, dar cel mai usor ii gasesti in magazinele Optiplaza (in mall-uri) ub pret nu stiu sa iti spun dar la fel, il găsești pe net

  18. Buna, Alina. Te admir mult pentru ceea ce faci si pentru persoana care esti! Am cateva curiozitati:
    1:cum reusesti sa-ti mentii tenul absolut perfect? 2:ai folosit remedii pentru cresterea parului? 3:cum iti coafezi parul perfect zilnic? Imi place mult stilul pe care il abordezi pentru ca este exact ce cauta orice fata: lejer, sexy!

  19. aratai mai dragut inainte sa te machezi atat de tare .. pacat , esti draguta oricum :);)

  20. Alina ești modelul meu în viață:*Nu vreau sa îţi spun ce îţi spun toți fanii dar chiar te urmez:> ești super și mi-aș dori foarte mult să te întâlnesc. Poate pe viitor vei ajunge să vi la o prezentare de modă de a mea:*Succes în continuare♡♥

  21. Buna Alina, ai putea sa imi spui ce model sunt ochelarii albastri de la Ray Ban? Am cautat in magazinele profesionale si nu era exact albastrul acela, plus ca rama era un auriu inchis. Mi-au spus ca daca le zic modelul pot sa mi-l aduca. Ms, succes in continuare in tot ceea ce faci! Sarbatori Fericite tuturor!

  22. Buna! Ma poti ajuta cu un sfat? Mi-am facut breton si nu stiu deloc cum sa il aranjez sa stea cat de cat bine :( Help me, pleaseee!!! :*

  23. Buna Alina:* Nu mai faci ceva tutoriale cu make’up sau cum iti coafezi paru??ca ne.ar face placere.Te pup:**

  24. buna Alina,curand mi am cumparat din h&m niste pantaloni de piele maro sunt foarte faini insa nu prea stiu cu ce as putea sa ii port.. ma poti ajuta?

  25. Woow..Ce garderoba frumoasa,love it 💜,imi plac pozele tale super mult,in mod special cele de la Paris in fusta aurie,si cele in costum de baie,oricum toate pozele sunt AWESOME
    Felicitari,faci o treaba buna :-)

  26. Foarte interesante pozele. Mie personal, mi-a placut foarte mult sacoul acela alb , mai lung cu un fel de volane, de printre primele fotografii. Si niste borine negre foarte frumoase.

  27. congrats, Alina! Reusesti intr-un mod minunat si fin sa te redefinesti! Esti tu frumoasa si cand ai par roz si cand esti satena si cand esti ombre si cand esti bruneta si cand esti la mare, si cand esti prin Venetia, si, si…. Bravo!

  28. cum ti-ai facut buzele in poza cu ochelari vintage? rosu grena cy umbre negre in colturi?

  29. Am descoperit blogul tau de curand! Nu ma mai satur sa ma uit pe el, cel putin pe acesta pagina cu tinute. Nu ma omor eu foarte tare dupa paginile si site-urile de fashion, dar acesta m-a cucerit! Defapt, eu am cautat articolul cu detox-ul( la recomandarea unei prietene) si deja stau de ceva vreme si tot citesc.E foarte fain ce faci! Pupici

  30. Buna, Alina! Imi plac enorm pozele tale si mi-as dori sa imi cumpar un aparat ca al tau, am inteles ca e Sony SH006, dar nu il gasesc nici pe net, nici in magazin. Ma poti ajuta te rog? Eu una nu ma prea pricep la aparate foto, iar cand am cautat pe net imi apareau numai lentile Sony SH006.. Sunt confuza rau :))

  31. Hey.. Am rasfoit disperata prin paginile tale incercand sa gasesc o poza pe care am vazut-o mai demult in care purtai niste Leopard print slip-on ..imi doresc mult unii! Am gasit unele modele,dar nu imi plac asa cum imi placeau cei purtati de tine. Imi poti spune te rog de unde i-ai cumparat?? Multuu’ :)

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